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Complexity with precision

The traditional and trading company Lerch combines many years of accumulated expertise in the field of logistics, import and export on an international level. With our Europe-wide logistics centres and our loyal trading partners in the emerging Asian region, no distance is too far and no task too big for us. We offer you tailor-made solutions and the perfect distribution options for your product and offer you a long-term partnership for the success of your goods. Our trained staff are always keen to find exactly the right market for your product and always ensure that delivery and distribution channels are properly adhered to. Our core competences are mainly focused on medical supplies and consumer electronics, which we have proven, among other things, as the main distributor of Apple products. With us as your trading partner, together we will lead your product to the success it deserves.


For a sustainable value chain, we start with innovative solutions directly where the journey begins: at the product. From innovation to product development, we at Handelshaus Lerch strive for the most balanced mix of sustainable, future-oriented growth.

Product development

Progress and development are our access for a healthy tomorrow

Tomorrow's world concerns us all, which is why we at Handelshaus Lerch are committed to taking care of it. We are always looking for the most resource-efficient ways to distribute your product in a sustainable and value-adding manner; not only in transport, but also in storage, we rely on green energy, because we also want the world to remain beautiful.

„The world is a fine place and worth the fighting for.“ (Ernest Hemingway)

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