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When was the last time you talked to your TV? What sounded like a joke ten years ago has now become reality and clearly shows that IT with its artificial intelligence and consumer electronics are increasingly growing together. Televisions continue to be the industry winners in classic consumer electronics with a lion's share of 40 % of the total turnover.

In addition to media consumption, consumer electronics sales in Germany will also increase by 6.3 % to € 9.3 billion in 2019. The market for privately used IT products such as tablets, smartphones, etc. is growing even more rapidly. In 2019, a sharp increase of 23.9% to around €8.5 billion was evident. Contrary to expectations, the consumer electronics market has regained its footing and is now on the rise. This is only thanks to the relentless innovation and foresight of many tech companies who are consciously focusing on networking the home. The possibilities are unlimited, we just have to work together to make them acceptable.

Soon we will see who is standing in front of our door via our TV and not only welcome the person above, but also turn on the oven for our casserole above. Those who want to be top dogs in the IT & consumer electronics industry must now dream up the world of tomorrow and bring together what belongs together.

Together on course for future markets.

Consumer Electronics in Germany

  • 2019
  • 2020

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1. Undercurrent electronics

2. Privately used telecommunications

3. Privately used IT


Figures in billion euros

Quelle: gfu/GfK 3/2021

Today's cables will no longer be cables tomorrow

Who doesn't know it, the nerve-wracking minutes that go by to untangle the headphone cables. Despite practical tools around which you then try to wrap the cables properly, you end up not using them.

What a liberation this was when, in 2009, we were able to enjoy music immediately without the hassle of cables. The generation growing up today will hardly know these anecdotes, because we have arrived in the world of wireless enjoyment, and it is still booming. In 2020, the wireless headphones market cracked the billion-dollar mark for the first time. In just one year from 2019 to 2020, sales in Germany rose by around 40% to €1.3 billion. A decline in the wireless trend is not in sight. Due to increased demand from mobile devices, the headphone market is also on the rise. The increasing number of video conferences continues to have a positive influence on the trend. What sounds high-end today only because it has a cable attached will be on an even higher level tomorrow without a cable. In the future, those who still own headphone cables will frame them in pictures as a relic of the past.

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