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Everything starts at the beginning.

The medical supplies industry is a highly competitive market that does not more clearly combine old with new. The right mix of consumables and highly innovative products is the key to success. Only with a precise analysis and the right "nose" is a new market launch of your product possible. Handelshaus Lerch brings progress through innovation and guides you to a successful market launch of your product.

We focus on quality of life through innovative medical options and thinking about tomorrow.

Nothing accelerates human innovation as rapidly as a global crisis. Handelshaus Lerch learns from crises and finds opportunities that work at all times. Combine innovation and speed with us and create quality of life for all of us.

This is what our heart beats for


Improving tomorrow's world through innovative products.


Seeing the shore before others do.


An idea in a drawer does not exist until it has been implemented.

The coincidences of life and how you save lives

Who would have thought that an open window led to the invention of penicillin, or that milkmaids played a major role in paving the way for vaccination in the 18th century? Through a keen perception, Edward Jenner noticed that milking women more often contracted cowpox, but not the deadly human pox. This observation and his great powers of deduction led him, through further testing, to the amazing world-changing results of vaccination. Knowing how to use the helpful coincidences is the task set for us to find open doors together with you.

Great innovations need someone who visibly implements them.

In vitro diagnostics

In vitro diagnostics is the testing and detection of specific diseases under controllable conditions, such as in reagents. In our broad product range of in vitro diagnostics, we specialise in the technically flawless, most accurate and fastest testing options. Our broad worldwide network of producers guarantees availability and the "gold standard" of testing possibilities.

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