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The world is moving closer together and we are reaching out to you to connect you with our close cooperation partners worldwide. With our Europe-wide logistics centres and the good relationships with our colleagues worldwide, you are on the safe side with us to get your product from A to B in an economically sustainable way.

Only those who think big small and small big will find the right way to the goal. Handelshaus Lerch acts globally and puts the world in your hands.

Today's age confronts us again and again with the great task of distributing the ever-increasing volume of goods. Since the opening of the world markets, we move our goods from one point to another via roads, air and water. Just-in-time production, for example, needs reliable and precise schedules in order to get your stock on the road. With Handelshaus Lerch you will find a growth-enhancing partner who keeps track of everything. We organise solutions tailored to you to get your product to your destination quickly in the most efficient and sustainable way.

Freight transport in Germany

  • Truck
  • Railway
  • Inland waterways

The diagram above shows data from the Federal Statistical Office.

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