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We demand the most extraordinary of ourselves.

The export of goods produced worldwide has been rising steadily since 1960. The current figures demonstrate an increasingly interconnected and globalised world. It is now possible to procure goods from overseas with just a click of the mouse, without really having to think about how this is done physically. This "networked" world brings with it certain risks, such as the monopolisation of certain economic sectors or the fierce price war at the international level; nevertheless, the opportunities are optimal from an entrepreneurial point of view.

With global cooperation and the accessibility of innovations, we can combine our globally distributed strengths and specialisations to become a sustainable force in world trade. In the constant global competition, it takes a quick perception and the courage to act quickly and confidently. In addition to foresight, one must always keep in mind that in every difficult situation there is also always a piece of opportunity to do things differently from the way they were. At Handelshaus Lerch, we will find this opportunity together with you.

In a globally networked world, overview is the new foresight. Discover opportunities.

To think for tomorrow, you need the courage to create today. We find your opportunity and move energetically towards the most innovative solution for your next task. With us as a forward-looking partner at your side, you will take the safe path to the world market.

for a better future

Co2 neutral transport

So that we don't run out of steam, we find the most environmentally friendly way to get your product from A to B for you.

Sustainable microelectronics

To withstand the "storm" of electronic devices, we rely on sustainable microelectronics so that we can enjoy them without a bad conscience.

Energy revolution

We are committed to an energy turnaround and focus on energy efficiency as the green engine of environmental protection.

When apples learned to fly

If you told Isaac Newton today that something as small as an apple can fly today - who knows how the world would have changed. We used to have phones the size of shoeboxes, computers the size of a closet and cameras you had to hold in two hands. Today, all these things fit between your thumb and forefinger in the form of a smartphone. These smartphones, in turn, can learn to fly with the help of drones and rise above the fallen apple.

According to Moore's Law, simply put, storage capacity doubles on a regular basis, helping to counteract the incredible storage demands of cloud hosting. However, the law only works if someone implements it and thinks further ahead, so we will be surprised once what else can fly.

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